Unicorn Manifesto

The Unicorn is Unique

The unicorn knows it is a unicorn, but may hide it from the world.

The unicorn rejects the boredom and common things of the average life and strives for more.

Are YOU a Secret Unicorn?

The mass of humanity runs in herds like horses, seeking the bare necessities of existence like food and water, but the unicorn stands alone and runs toward rainbows. Instead of worrying over base things, the unicorn strives towards dreams that it uses to change the world.

UnicornThe unicorn uses its weapons of strength, creativity and audacity to instigate change. The unicorn does not use the opinions and desires of others to decide what it should do, it goes by an inner compass defined by taste, decency, intelligence and whimsy.

Chances are, if you’ve had your world changed by something, that something was created by a unicorn.

We want you to recognize that you are a unicorn. A horse would not be attracted to this manifesto or its ideas, it would be afraid to deny the power of the herd. A horse is defined by its own fear. Its inability to start or finish things, to be defined not by its ideas, but by its fear.

That does not define a unicorn! A unicorn is a chance-taker who denies the fear of failure. Unicorns create! They sing, dance, write, design and code! A unicorn always does more than the minimum, they add a sprinkle of glitter to everything they do. A unicorn uses rejection and fear from the world as the fuel in the furnace that it uses to forge the future.

While we do not think that unicorns should join together in herds, we do recognize that there is power in knowing that there are other unicorns out in the world. There is power in knowing that you are not alone.

Own that you are a unicorn and a new world will open up to you.

Unicorn Walking