Hypno-Unicorn Bends You To His Will

A Unicorn in a Unitard on a Unicycle

Cult of Unicorn Sticker

While supplies last, you can get a free Cult of Unicorn sticker featuring our awesome logo with the purchase of the Unicorn Mask featured on our product page! It is perfect for making anything more unicorny. Sorry. Sold out.

“YOU are the Unicorn!” Self Help CD Set

Do you know inside exactly how awesome you are, but have trouble being awesome in the real world? Noted Unicorn Life Coach Reginald T. Glittercloud helps you to release the unicorn that lives within your heart and unleash it to create the life you want. Money, relationships and success of all kinds come from following the rainbow path of… Read more >

A Cupcake From a Unicorn Tastes Like a Rainbow in Your Mouth


Have you ever looked at a website and thought to yourself, “Hey, self, this site could use more unicorns.”

Well, the Cornify site has your back. Just drag the “cornify” button to you favorites bar and then whenever you want to add a little ‘corn to what you’re looking at, you just press the button and bam! Instant… Read more >

Unicorns Make the Best Coffee

What is the Power of a Unicorn’s Horn?

In the book Mythical Monsters by Charles Gould, a 6th century merchant/historian is quoted about the power of the unicorn which he had learned about on a trip to Ethiopia. He wrote, “It is impossible for this ferocious beast to be taken alive; and that all its strength lies in its horn. When it finds itself pursued and in… Read more >